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Charitable Giving

SCCU wants to help you give back to the people and communities that support you.

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150 Organizations Helped

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$500K+ Donated in the Last Decade


10 Scholarships Provided in 2021


1,000 Volunteer Hours Served This Year

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17 Schools Partnered With

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16 Local Communities Served

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SCCU is committed to helping our communities and members live their best lives. We know that members cannot have financial security and well-being if they cannot access basic needs, so we prioritize donating money for non-profits whose missions work towards meeting those necessities.

Charity of the Month

As a credit union, we reinvest our earnings back into the communities we serve. Each month we will feature a different non-profit organization, nominated by our members and employees, by awarding donations and celebrating the hard work they do. At the end of 2022, we will vote for 3 of the 11 non-profits and awards the winners with a larger additional donation up to $10,000.

Damiano Center

With respect and compassion, the Damiano Center honors the dignity of all people and strengthens the community by providing essential services to individuals and families who are in need.

 The Damiano Center provides 8 human service programs to people in need, community kitchen, free store, clothes that work, health realization, community services, hygiene unit, kids kitchen, summer food corps. All services are provided free of charge with few or no questions asked.