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Mechanical Repair Coverage (MRC)

Plan ahead! Protect yourself and your vehicle!

What is Mechanical Repair Coverage (MRC)?

Mechanical Repair Coverage covers unexpected costs if your vehicle breaks down, needs
replacement parts, or suffers from mechanical problems.

Why get a MRC

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Repairs Can Be Expensive

The average cost for a major repair, like an engine, could be around $5,500.

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Vehicles Age

As your vehicle gets older, the risk and cost of repairs increases.

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Unexpected Breakdowns

These events can negatively impact your family’s budget. MRC helps reduce the cost of unexpected breakdowns.

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Lock In Repair Costs

By purchasing MRC now, you lock in the cost of future repairs plus your selected deductible, for all covered repairs.


May Increase Your Resale Value

If you decide to sell your covered vehicle privately, you can transfer the coverage to the new owner.

Add a MRC on your vehicle today


*Currently all enrollment for MRC and GAP Protections will need to be done in branch.


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