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Popular Questions

Debit and ATM

  • You can use your SCCU Debit and ATM at any of SCCU’s office ATMs. With our participating in the Co-Op Network, you can use the over 30,000 participating ATMs across the U.S. and Canada. Search for Co-op ATMs under Locations and Hours.

  • For security purposes, we do not have your PIN number on file. To reset your PIN, call us at 1-800-569-4167.

  • Yes, at participating merchants, you can receive cashback with your Debit Card. To do so, you must hit debit on the payment terminal and enter your PIN.

  • Give us a call immediately at 1-800-569-4167. If it’s after hours, call our debit card processor directly at 1-800-535-8440 or our credit card processor at 1-800-528-2273. To get a new card, we must have the request in writing with your signature. You can fax a replacement card request to 715-395-0048.

General FAQs

  • Yep! You can visit any of our 12 locations across Ashland, Cable, Eau Claire, Gilman, Hayward, Ladysmith, Mellen, Rice Lake, Superior, WI & Duluth, Grand Rapids, MN.  Check for hours and addresses on the locations page.

  • SCCU’s routing number is 291880916

    If setting up a direct deposit use your full account number for deposits into checking and savings.

  • Reach out to us for the exact wiring instructions for sending or receiving a wire! We are available Monday through Friday from 8 am – 6 pm and on Saturday from 9 am – 12 pm.

    Reach out!


  • We offer several different kinds of loans—from mortgages to credit cards. Most loans can be applied for through an online application, over the phone, or in-person at any of our nine locations. Through our Smart Choice Auto Buying program, you can receive SCCU financing at participating local auto and recreation vehicle dealers, even when SCCU is closed.

  • SCCU services all of our mortgage loans in-house. This means we take your payments, pay your escrow, and answer your questions from the initial application until you pay your loan off.

  • SCCU does not offer private student loans directly. However, we’ve partnered with Sallie Mae for the Smart Option Student Loan. Check out our page on Smart Option for details!

  • Yes! SCCU has several different Visa Credit Cards for consumer borrowers.

Membership and Savings

  • A credit union is a financial institution that is cooperatively owned by the members (patrons) who use their services.  We are also not-for-profit, so each year once our expenses and legal reserves have been set aside, the excess profit is returned to the membership. In the case of SCCU, we distribute our profits through member-friendly pricing on our savings and loan products, branch and technology upgrades, and more.

  • Please see our Joining SCCU Page to view eligibility requirements. We will need you to open the account with a valid (non-expired) photo ID showing your current address and $5 to establish a membership savings account. Once a member, you can enjoy all the products and services SCCU has to offer.

  • We are insured by the National Credit Union Association (NCUA) a U.S. government agency. Your savings are insured to up to $250,000.

  • Traditional and Roth IRAs vary on when and how they’re taxed. With Traditional IRAs, the earnings grow tax-deferred until withdrawn and your contributions may be tax-deductible. With Roth IRAs, your regular contributions can be withdrawn penalty-free and tax-free at any time. There are also certain circumstances when you can draw out of a Roth IRA penalty-free. Check out our IRA page for details.*

    *Consult a tax advisor for additional information.

Online Banking

  • Online banking accounts are locked when too many incorrect password/security question attempts have been tried or if the account hasn’t had login activity in 90 days. To reset the password or security questions, please call us at 715-392-5616 during normal business hours. Once the password and/or questions are reset, you must log in successfully within 24 hours in order to not be locked out again.

  • Yes. To simply view other accounts you have at SCCU, you can use the JUMP feature within online banking. To make transactions to and from multiple SCCU accounts, please e-mail us at for a cross-account transfer form and instructions.

  • With our A2A External transfer features, you are able to deposit and withdraw funds from accounts held outside of SCCU.  You must come in and speak to a Financial Specialist at any of our branches in order to establish A2A on your account.

    {slider-l2 Does SCCU offer a mobile app?}

    We do! You can download the mobile app for iPad, iPhones, and Androids by visiting our mobile site at You should be automatically prompted to download the app onto your device. The login information for the mobile version of online banking is exactly the same as the login information for your normal online banking account.