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Hard earned money,

Upload Proof of Insurance

No Enrollment

This feature is automatically included for eligible direct deposits with no extra work on your part.

Alarm clock

Get Paid Early

Receive your hard earned $$$ up to 2 days earlier than normal!


Simplified Process

Enroll in Direct Deposit and forget about worrying when you will deposit your paychecks

But what is

Early Pay?

Early Pay means you will get your funds up to 2 days sooner than you typically would.

There’s no fees or enrollment/activation that you have to participate in. As long as your direct deposit meets the requirements you will automatically get your funds early!

What counts

Dollar bills


You know, that money you work hard for

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Side Gigs

Pursuing your dream on the side? No worries, you'll get paid early for that too!

Receive money

State & Federal Disbursements

Social Security, Tax Refunds, Unemployment

How to get paid sooner:

  • 1

    Open a checking account

  • 2

    Enroll in Direct Deposit

  • 3

    Get paid early!

You have questions. We have answers!

  • Nope, Early Pay is automatic! As long as you are enrolled in direct deposit, you should be seeing eligible funds up to 2 days early!

  • As long as you have a checking account with SCCU and have eligible direct deposit(s) connected to the account, you qualify!

  • It will be automatic from when your direct deposit gets processed!

  • None! This feature has no fees 🙂 It’s just one of the many perks that come with being a member at SCCU!

  • Early Pay grants access to your direct deposit up to two days prior to the scheduled payment date. Availability is based on the timing of the payer’s payment instruction. AKA, if your employer does payroll 2 days early, you will get your funds 2 days early. If they only do it one day early, you will get your funds one day early.

  • Nope! With no minimum per direct deposit, this feature works for side gigs, or short hours! It was made with everyone in mind!


*With Early Pay, funds from an eligible incoming electronic direct deposit may be available for use up to two days before the scheduled payment date. Not all direct deposits are eligible for Early Pay Day. Direct Deposit must be associated with an SCCU checking account to qualify for Early Pay. Early availability of direct deposits is not guaranteed and may vary from deposit to deposit. Transaction limits and standard risk screening processes apply. Whether we make funds available early depends on when we receive the payor’s payment instructions, any limitations we set on the amount of early availability, and standard fraud prevention screening. Eligible direct deposits are limited to electronic direct deposits of your payroll, pension, and government benefit payments into any SCCU Checking Account. Other deposits or credits to your account, such as deposits of funds from person-to-person payment services (e.g. Zelle®, Venmo, or PayPal transfers), check or mobile deposits, and other online transfers are not eligible for Early Pay.

Notice Online Banking and Mobile app will be down 7.17-7.18 from 10pm-5am for system maintenance.