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Fraud and Scam Prevention

Be careful! Make sure it's real before taking action.

SCCU wants to keep your information and money safe!

Superior Choice Credit Union is committed to helping you fight debit and credit card fraud. Coming soon, we will have new fraud alerts that will allow you to quickly receive emails, SMS texts and
Interactive Phone Calls when fraud is suspected – giving you the opportunity to confirm the legitimacy of transactions.

You will be automatically enrolled into this fraud alert service, which will help us notify you sooner to review potential fraudulent transactions on your debit or credit card.
Please take a moment to update your contact information to ensure we have your current phone numbers and email address on file.

If you receive a card fraud alert by phone, text or email about a suspicious transaction, we ask that you respond immediately to let us know whether the transaction is legitimate. You only need to respond “Yes” or “No.” Your quick response to these communications could help us stop further unauthorized transactions if someone else has accessed your card information.

SCCU will never ask you for account information or your PIN in fraud alerts.

Look out for Frauds and Scams


Check Misspellings

Most scam or frauds will have misspellings


Be Careful About Immediate Action

Think twice about if it's real when you are required to take action immediately or urgently.

Confirm protection

Don't Open Unsolicited Emails Or Texts

If you don't recognize the sender be cautious. Scammers will do or say anything to get you to interact with them.

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Online Dating Scams

Romance scammers create fake profiles and try to develop relationships on dating apps or social networking websites, they will make up stories to ask you for money.

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Gift Cards

Companies will NEVER have you pay them back in gift cards or pre-paid VISA's. If you are ever asked to do this please be very cautious as this is most likely a scam.

If you are worried about a potential scam or fraud being sent to you please let us know and we can let you know if it is legit!