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NEW Online & Mobile Banking

View your account balance, make transfers, pay bills, and more all from the convenience of your phone using the best mobile banking app you can get.


ANDROID USERS: Re-download the SCCU mobile app for smooth sailing
IPHONE USERS: Make sure to update your app in the App Store

Get the app here

Atomic Direct Deposit

Add Direct Deposit in a flash!

Located in online and mobile banking. Sign up in minutes!

Phone Payment

Digital Wallet

Add your debit card to your digital wallet so you can have access to your money all day long!


Remote Deposit

One of the most convenient ways to deposit checks is through your phone. It’s quick, easy, and you don’t need to visit a branch.

Upload Proof of Insurance

Account Management Tools

Make internal and external transfers, and view your account directly on your phone, so you can better track your funds.

Write document

Account Monitoring

Our fraud protection team will monitor your account for suspicious activity to better help protect your hard-earned money.


Money Management Tools

You can do multiple different transactions right from your phone, including the ability to pay bills and transfer money.


Face & Fingerprint ID

Tired of remembering or typing your passwords? You can use facial or fingerprint recognition software to quickly and securely log you in.

First time on the new platform?

Follow these steps:

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Use the same username & password as before

Business and marketing icon_Mass Message copy 3

Enter verification code

You should get a verification code via text, call, or email

Business and marketing icon_Mass Message copy 4

Reset your password

The system will let you know what to include

New User?

Sign up here!

Connect outside accounts in one place

Common Fixes & Questions

  • You might need to redownload or update your app to get on the new system. Android users will need to redownload the app completely, you can do so HERE. iPhone users, you will need to update your app if you already have it downloaded or you can download the app HERE.

  • Simply hit Forgot username or password to regain access into your account!

  • Make sure you are following the required layout of mm/dd/yyyy and you’ll actually need to type the slashes (we know it’s annoying)

    Example: If you were born on January 1st, 2001, you’ll have to type in 01/01/2001 instead of 1/1/01 – Don’t forget those zeros!

  • Make sure you are using the info attached to your account (not your spouse or partners info)

    If you’re pretty sure the info is correct for you it might be an issue on our end, we are working on switching the fields so it no longer says this – Hold tight!

  • If you opened an account after May 1st, it might not appear but we are working on attaching them to your profile!

    If you see issues on an older account please send us a message thru the OLB portal.

Atomic Direct Deposit

  • Login to your SCCU mobile app or online banking, navigate to the direct deposit tab then simply select your employer or payroll system, login with your credentials (for your payroll system not SCCU banking) & confirm the direct deposit setup! Atomic will handle the rest!

  • Yep! There are no fees associated with this, it’s just a tool to make setting up direct deposit a breeze!

  • Yes it can! You just need to set up each employer one at a time.

  • For the most part, Yes! Atomic supports direct deposit changes for many state unemployment payments.

Digital Wallet

Add your card to your phone - It's fast, easy, & secure!

View your account balance, make transfers and more with the click of a button

Notice Online Banking and Mobile app will be down 7.17-7.18 from 10pm-5am for system maintenance.