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You’re financially managing; You may be thriving in some areas but struggling in others.

Follow these steps to help get you on the right track.

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Identify your vulnerable areas

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Pinpoint some quick financial fixes

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Put a long-term plan in place

Identify your vulnerable areas

Your financial health score comes from 4 key areas: Spending, Saving, Borrowing, and Planning. Take a look at each area and identify where you need improvement the most.

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Spending less than you make

Paying bills on time

Piggy bank


Ability to cover expenses in the event of an emergency

Meeting goals for long-term savings

Receive money


Having a manageable amount of debt

Maintaining a good credit score

Newsletter shopping


Holding adequate insurance policies

Planning ahead for your finances

Pinpoint some quick financial fixes

Once you’ve chosen an area to work on, let’s take some quick actions to gain immediate results.  Taking action is the most important step towards success, and even taking small steps can help build momentum towards establishing habits and achieving larger goals. By starting with ridiculously small actions, you can experience quick wins that create a positive feedback loop and motivate you to keep going.  Here are some ideas you could start with:

    • Cancel one monthly service you can do without (Spotify? Hulu? Audible? Billie? We know there’s at least one you can say goodbye to!)
      • Tip: Not sure what you are subscribed to? Check out the “recurring expenses” portion of your online banking
    • Schedule auto-payment for one of your bills, so you don’t forget to pay it
  • Put $5 into an emergency fund to kick things off

    • Utilize our “Fill-in-the-Blank” Savings account so your emergency fund is separated from your everyday checking/savings accounts
    • Set up an automatic monthly transfer from your checking to a separate savings account
    • Set up a Christmas Club Savings account to help with holiday expenses
    • Make a minimum payment on one of your outstanding debts
    • Pay off your smallest debt (get a snowball effect going!)
    • Make one extra payment on a loan
    • Check your credit score

    Tip: View your credit score 24/7 right from your online banking dashboard!

    • Call your car insurance provider and ensure you have adequate coverage
    • Get a life insurance quote
    • Make one long-term financial goal to aspire to (Bonus points if you tell a loved one to help keep you accountable!)

Put a long-term plan in place

Once you’ve taken some quick action and seen some immediate results, let’s focus on the big picture.

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